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Looking to expand your eCommerce business?

In particular, you might be looking at listing more products. Also, selling on more marketplace or store channels. Updating your website. Creating more engaging content. Running offers & promotions. Even improving your social media promotions.

In any case, you may be wondering who is going to do all this work. Likewise, will you have to hire more staff?

It’s worth watching this short video first before you consider your next move:

Introducing Cloud Seller Go, your eCommerce experts.

Cloud Seller Go (CSG) is the point of call for online retailers who are looking to take their eCommerce business to the next level.

We have a team of over 100-strong professionals to hand, who can offer all the expertise you need to grow. Use our key services without the hassle or expense of hiring additional staff:

We’ll even throw in a Free Project Manager to assist you throughout. All for the same cost or even less than hiring.

We’ll identify the issues to help you expand...

Problems you face


You’re missing sufficient e-commerce marketing skills in-house but don’t know what to do about it.


You don’t have the time to take on extra work and your team have other priorities.


You can’t justify or afford extra headcount, or you need to reduce staff costs.

Bad Hires

You've hired people in the past who just didn’t work out.

What we offer


Access the tools and know-how of over 100 staff across a wide range of e-commerce disciplines.


Free up time in your business for important operational priorities.


Hire our experts by the hour and save thousands on staffing costs.

Bad Hires

No more ‘Jack of all trades’ or multiple hires to cover the extent of your marketing needs.

CSG Did you know

The average Marketing Assistant salary is £20,000. Add in pension contributions, NI and other costs, and that's a whopping £22,000 or more per year for one entry level Marketing employee!

Get your own Dedicated Account Management

Your dedicated Account Director is your trusted advisor on all things Marketing. And what’s more, they’re an eCommerce expert!

From on-boarding to the day-to-day management of your account, they are a key member of your team and will ensure you get the most out of Cloud Seller Go.

Key Priorities

Grow your Business
Identify Opportunities
Saves you Time
Share Expertise
CSG Did you know

Marketing roles have the highest turnover of any UK job function. Every time you replace that Marketing Assistant, it costs you up to 9 months of their salary in lost time, training and recruitment expenses!

Our process with you...


1. Consultation

Initially, we provide a 360° review of your current business, including your pain points and goals.

2. Proposal

Next, we create a specific plan for you, with business recommendations.

3. Set Goals & Outline Assets

We agree on project timelines and layout asset requirements.

4. Go Live!

5. Review & Manage

Finally, we regularly review with progress reports. Also, plan new project & identify opportunities.

You’re in good company...

csg clients
csg clients

Here’s some we prepared earlier...

CSG Case Study Home Drinks

Meet Home Drinks.

Home Drinks are the new e-commerce arm of a large brewery and drinks wholesaler. Like many, they were hit by Covid-19 and the effects of numerous lockdowns. In early 2021 they realised they needed to invest in online retail capability - and fast!

They commissioned a B2C website and then employed a marketing ‘all rounder’ to manage their website, social media and advertising. The Marketing Assistant quickly became an ace at updating the website, however he wasn’t particularly knowledgeable in other areas of marketing.

After a short time it became apparent that he wasn’t able to market the business or find new customers, but he was a full time employee and cost the company a lot of money.

That’s when Cloud Seller Go got involved by providing Website Upgrades, Promotions, Web Banners and Social Media. And that was just the start!

Meet Closure London.

Closure London are Designers, Manufacturers and Retailers of men's fashion products which can be found in High Street retailers such as JD Sports, but are also sold direct to consumers online.

In the beginning they used a third party logistics company to warehouse and distribute their products. However, as they became busier they realised they needed to take control of their distribution network.

So, we introduced them to our Cloud Commerce Pro software, allowing them to dispatch over 2,000 orders daily during the run up to Christmas. While they have an excellent in-house social media team, they didn’t know how to maximise sales on Google Shopping. Also, they didn’t have any knowledge of selling on Amazon and eBay.